Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Overheard at Table 2: Directions

1: you go up highway 52 until you get to Stanlon, off old state road 426, then you make a right.

2: she should probably take I-91 right on up to Fallsdale, that way she could catch the Old Church Road, which'd swing her right around to 289.

3: yeah, but that takes you around the state park, it'd be an extra half hour, and she's trying to get there before sundown.

2: sure, but Stanlon has all that construction now, plus whenever I go through Stanlon, I always get caught behind a train.

1: I forgot about the train! Listen if you go through Stanlon, take Polk Road, not Harlan Road. Harlon will get you turned around, but if you take Polk Road, you'll catch back up to 52 as soon as you come around the City Square with the big old bank in the middle.

3: isn't that now what they're using for the City Hall.

2: it's actually the county seat.

2: No foolin'? So that's why they're widening 52 from Bustledorf to Campbell.

4: Uh, guys? I think I'm just going to use my GPS.

1: Oh, don't use those things - they only just confuse you!

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