Monday, June 27, 2011

Overheard at Booth 4

As much as libertarians disgust me, this guy is right on the money about this issue:

I think the Liberals, Progressives, and Libertarians should band together to overthrow the plutocracy that owns both the Republican and the Democratic party.

That sounds completely insane, I know, but I think the Libertarians have been snowed under by false profits, that is, those conservatives who have made them believe that the problems are caused by bleeding heart liberals who want the government to hold their hand. Conservatives are very good at getting people to march to their tune by touching all their hot buttons, but if the Libertarians would actually cut to the core of their belief system, which can actually be considered a Christ-founded belief, they are not so far from the Liberals in that they believe that people should help each other. Government shouldn't have to bail people out, because people should stand on their own and help each other out when they fall down.

I think they believe this at the core. They just go about it differently . . . see, Liberals feel the same way, but they're just lucid enough to know that people WON'T help people out, and so we need some semblance of government sufficient enough to keep the people from starving or dying a slow death trapped in their homes slipping into insulin comas at the age of 87.

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