Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Overread at the Counter

america you have invalidated your own
constitution for the sake of a handful of spit.
america you have tortured the privates of human beings
for the sake of your own desires.
america you stand on the brink now of the precipice,
looking down into the gaping mouth of the hole you have
drilled through the heart of the world,
filled with the open mouths of six billion souls
waiting to hold you accountable for the
rain that you have made them swallow
for five decades and counting.

america i saw on the back of your bumper today
that you are "GOD N GUNS SINCE 1776"
america you are sick with your own proseletyzing.
america don't you ever bleed from the eyeballs
from your own semper fi?

america do you even know that the screams of
the children in a desert in asia
may one day be the screams of your own in indiana?

from 365

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