Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overheard at Table 5

Some guy is pulling frantically through page after page of a thick black book, saying, "Where in here does it say that Christ told us it was OK to kill 'enemy combatants'? I can't find it!"

Another guy at Table 4 says, "Isn't there something in there where he tells his disciples to go out and spread the word and if they won't hear, then to 'shake the dust off your sandles' as you leave their house? I think that's tantamount to ridding yourself of them."

Yet another guy at Table 1 says, "But doesn't that mean more of ignoring them and moving on?"

And still another guy at Booth 2 says, "And that's even TELLING them the word of God FIRST. I don't see how we can deliver the message of Christ on the tip of a bullet."

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