Monday, May 30, 2011

Overheard at the Counter

Niall Carter, looking at his phone, blurts out, "Jesus has a Facebook page!"

John Steppenwolf says, "You didn't know that?"

The Barista, handing Steppenwolf his Cinnamon Frappe, says, "I like His status: JESUS - PUBLIC FIGURE."

Niall says, "Like we've brought Him down into our little status 'box'."

Steppenwolf says, "You've been reading Your God is Too Small."

"Yeah, thanks for that. It's a good little one. Little too dated back to the 50s, but still got some good points . . . we need a new one now for this - Jesus on Facebook! Does He also tweet?"

Steppenwolf says, "I'm just waiting for the text that from Him that says FLASH MOB RAPTURE ------- RIGHT NOW!"

The Barista says, "All I know is that I'd hate for Him to 'unfriend' me!"

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