Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overheard at Booth 2

Girl #1: Hey how come you haven't texted me back?

Girl #2: My dad took away my cell.

Girl #1: Dude, your dad is like, so mean.

Girl #2: No joke! It's like living in hell, like, you know, I can't DO anything. Like, he's always like making me study and telling me to pick up my dishes, and it's like, sucky.

Girl #1: Dude, your life is like, major fail.

Girl #2: Like, no joke!

Girl #1: So, have you like, finished your report on the Elie Weasel guy, like, that book "Night"?

Girl #2: Almost. I mean, like, I wrote something. Like, about how he got separated from his mom and his sister and his dad and he were like, in the concentration camps, and he like, got his foot fell off because of frostbite, and then his dad died.

Girl #1: Yeah. Sucks to be him!

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