Saturday, January 8, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Obamacare in 2011

Billy: So the Republicans are going to try to pass some sort of legislation to outlaw health care, right?

Joe: Actually they're just going to repeal Obamacare.

Jim: And what exactly is Obamacare?

Bob: Well it's something that everybody hates, because it doesn't go far enough for the progressives and it goes too far for the conservatives and it just makes a tiny little dent for the moderates.

Billy: And the health care industry hates it too, right?

Joe: Strangely, not as much as you'd think, I mean, it makes 'em cover you even if you had cancer before you got on their plan . . . .

Jim: That's what's called them there "pre-existing conditions" right?

Bob: Absolutely right! In fact, my daughter's got bad asthma, under control with Advair, but when she does get these attacks I mean she can't nearly breathe. Coupla times had to take her to emergency. Before last year, I couldn't get her on any insurance. They said she wasn't worth it.

Billy: And that's Obamacare.

Joe: That, and they can't cap out either.

Jim: What does that mean - cap out?

Bob: Like if you happen to get cancer, and you go through chemo, and they got say a limit of $20,000 they'll pay like, total - ever - and then you're halfway through your cancer treatement and they say "whup'sorry - you reached the cap, and we're not paying another red cent!"

Billy: I knew a guy like that at work. He was left with a medical bill so big he had to sell his house and move in with his kid!

Joe: Dang, you think since we got supposed to be the best country in the world that we wouldn't have to have people doing stuff like that.

Jim: Maybe we don't.

Bob: Don't what?

Billy: Have the best country in the world.

Joe: Whoa there! That's dam'near sacrilege!

Jim: We can say that - it's a free country, right? Freedom of speech, right?

Bob: Yeah, freedom of speech, only so long as it's insulting Obama and biting some guy's finger off at an anti-healthcare rally!

Billy: Oh, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Joe: Any time.

Jim: But I'm still confused - because we have this new healthcare that means the insurance companies have to cover us, even with pre-existing conditions, and they can't cap out on us, and we're required to HAVE insurance, so it seems like everyone shouldn't be so hysterical about it all, I mean, what's really the problem?

Bob: I think we really got two problems - One, we're in a society that wants to be SOLD on something and not FORCED into buying something, and Two, at the heart of it all, I mean at the core of our collective WHAT WE ARE, we really really believe that people who are hurt and needy, down on their luck and at the end of their rope - well, it's because of their own failure.

Billy: Dang, that makes us sound like a buncha heartless bastids, now doesn't it?

Joe: Just calls 'em like he sees 'em.

Jim: Strangely, I'm starting to feel a little sick to my stomach.

Bob: Well, then you better go see a doctor, before the Republicans take away your health care!

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