Sunday, January 16, 2011

At the Counter

Niall Carter says, "Did you see the speeches last week? Palin's and then the President's?"

"Not Palin's," says John Steppenwolf. "I don't listen to evil Republican propoganda."

"Hers, you can write off," says Niall. "I don't understand how someone could take a take a national tragedy and make it all about themselves."

The Barista says, "I take it you've bever been in high school, then."


"There's always one," she says. "The prettiest girl in class, who always brings everything back to herself. That's what this Palin broad is. Personally, I think all you men are idiots, because the only reason why she's on the national spotlight is because y'all want to do her."

"Whoa!" says Steppenwolf. "Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel!"

"I think she's right," says Niall. "It's a shame that we're even having this debate. It's a shame that some shallow psycho -hag with a short run reality show has as much video time as the President of the United States of America. It's like every day, the country is trying to decide if Obama's running this place, or Palin."

"The way I see it, Obama can't control this country - and Palin can't control herself!"

"God help us all if the morons elect her in 2012," says Niall.

"Maybe the Mayans were right," says the Barista.

Verble comes out of the kitchen, whistling the theme to The Twilight Zone.

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