Saturday, January 8, 2011

Overheard at Booth 4: Presidential Projects

Tiffani: How's your President project coming?

Baylee: Man it sucks I asked my dad to print out some pictures of the presidents at his work cuz you know he's got like a color printer and everything and you know what he brings home?he brings home all these pictures of presidents nobody's even heard of?

Tiffani: Like who?I mean there are only like 25 or so, right?

Baylee: Yeah something like that maybe 30 I dunno I think they said Obama's number 40 I think I heard that somewhere but anyway, he brings home these pictures and he says here's James Polka and Chessnut Arthur and this guy named Harrison who my dad tells me was only president for a month cuz he caught pneumonia on his first day and died!

Tiffani: Major fail!

Baylee: yeah and I'm gonna major fail if I don't bring in the REAL presidents, like Washington Jefferson Lincoln you know, those guys.

Tiffani: Yeah, the ones everyone does.

Baylee: That what my dad says, he says everyone does those presidents so he wants me to do presidents that nobody's ever done before I mean, like how suckish is that!

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