Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the Counter: The Habermann Complaint

"Strange," says Niall Carter, "In most countries they spill blood in the street to stop the rich from oppressing the poor. In America, we kill people so that the rich can KEEP ON oppressing the poor."

"What'r'ya, some sorta commie?" says Steppenwolf.

"Nah, but I am freaking out a little! Heard on the news yesterday that some guy in Seattle left this stammeringly insane voice mail for some congressman for OPPOSING the continuing of tax cuts for the rich. I mean, if you read the transcript in the charges, he actually SAYS on the phone that he's gonna kil this guy because he's taking money away from the rich to give to the quote-endquote LOSERS! I mean, how insane is that?"

"It's called the efficacy of the imperialist propoganda," says Steppenwolf.

"NOW who's talkin' like a commie, eh?" says Niall Carter with a smile.

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