Friday, May 28, 2010

Overheard at Table Two

. . . don't ask don't tell I don't know really what that was all about

- it was about not getting homosexuals drummed out of the military just for being who they are!

- yeah, but what I don't understand is all this stuff going on about it, right now!

- they see it as a civil rights issue, why should they have to pretend to be something they're not?

- why do they have to pretend at all?

- because if they come out, no pun intended, they're "telling"and they get kicked out of the military.

- but that's not my point, my point is this, and it's what NOBODY is saying: Look, I want my military over there fighting for our freedom, I don't give a flying hootin'hell if they're straight, gay, bi, crossdress on Saturdays or like the soles of their feet tickled with blue feathers - I want my military on the job, well-trained, focused on eradicating the enemies of America, and rebuilding the infrastructure of other countries so that THOSE countries can build democratic governments so that they can make the same freedoms WE do. I don't want them arguing and arguing about living accomodations, sharing of bathrooms, partners vs. spouses on base, or any of that - I want them focused on the job. and this is NOT being focused on the job.

- man, I didn't know you were such an idealist. You really believe all that's possible? The rebuilding and the democracy and all that?

- of course it's possible! Twenty years ago a guy would get tossed out of the US military for being gay! Fifty years ago he would have been shot! Now we're all wrapped up in THIS! If we've come this far, then spreading democracy HAS to be within reach, right?

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