Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overheard at Booth 2

and then there was this commercial on the big screen in the break room the other day it was from some organization still pissed about the health care and the bailout and it started off with the phrase from benjamin franklin, those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither, and i just thought that was a bit much, you know, just for some sort of grievance,

- well you're right, and the fact is, the real phrase is "those who would trade essential liberty for temporary security soon have none and deserve neither" and plus no one knows if Franklin actually came up with the phrase or not, but it was published in his magazine - still, the way I see it: that phrase was most important and should have been flying from every car bumper during those dark ages called 2002 to 2007 - the Patriot Act.

- yeah, that was a crappy deal. They could listen in on our phone calls, find out every book we check out of the library.

- librarians, teachers, professors, your employers, they could all be forced to turn over everything they know about you - yeah, and we here in America just handed over the security that protects us from our own government - we just GAVE IT AWAY in the name of the patriot act. That was the most devilish piece of legislation, and what makes me sick is that the same people who like to beat us over the head with quotes from our founding fathers are the very same people that our founding fathers FOUGHT AGAINST.

- dude, I think you've had one too many espressos.

- one always IS too many.

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