Monday, August 14, 2023

Overheard at Table 1: Holidays

Columbus day is coming up in October and that pisses people off because they want to call it Indigenous People's Day and some people have a similar problem with Thanksgiving because white people in the past did bad stuff to Native Americans ...

and Christians are hating on Halloween because it's Satanic and the non-believers hate Christ in Christmas and they say stupid shit like "God raped Mary" and then people are mad at Mother's Day because they had shitty mothers and the same thing for Father's day because they had abusive or molesting dads ...

and people who want to be single or who don't have a romantic partner absolutely DESPISE Valentine's Day and Republicans sure as hell hate Labor Day and peaceniks don't like Veterans Day and people who say the American empire trampled over the rights of Central Americans really hate Memorial Day

and that's the same reason why people are all like OH WELL INDEPENDENCE DAY sucks because that's Americans enshrining the SLAVE TRADE ...

you know what?  Let's just cancel ALL HOLIDAYS!

All of them.  GONE!


No more holidays, for no one.  Ever.

You're welcome.  A few fewer things for some segment or other to bitch about.

Buncha whiners!

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