Friday, May 19, 2017

Overheard at Table 3: M and E Discuss Mutant Jeans

M: It's Friday why don't you wear jeans?

E: I don't have any jeans.

M: Yes you do.  Everybody has jeans.

E: I got a little too fat, so I outgrew all my jeans/

M: You know they make jeans in all body types.  Plus you DO have genes, in every cell of your body.

E: I want mutant genes.

M: Like Jean Grey.

E: She had very nice mutant genes.  But you know, I never thought they casted her right in any of the movies.

M: I thought Famke Jannsen was a good cast.

E: But Logan, wow, that was good casting.

M: Yeah, he was made for that role, but man after playing Wolverine for 20 years don't you think he got tired?

E: I think he made his last.

M: I couldn't stand how all the movies start to run together.  One is called "Wolverine" and another is called "THE Wolverine," after awhile you can't tell them apart.

E: I was telling my son, when I was his age and reading the comics I never thought they could come to the big screen, but I guess technology finally caught up to the fantasy.

M: Yeah, and now we can't tell which is which!

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