Thursday, May 11, 2017

Overheard at Table 3: Kids These Days

Writer 1: So then we have the twins come out as transgender.

Writer 2: I thought we were going to go with straight-up gay.

Writer 3: "Straight-up gay" - good one!

Writer 1: No, they're going to have their 8th birthday party in episode 3 this season, they need to come out as transgender, only Lucas will want to start transitioning NOW and Marcus will want to wait until they're closer to puberty.

Writer 3: Marcus always is the more cautious one.

Writer 2: Then we can have a big argument where Lucas will say Marcus will want to back out when Lucas is already halfway transitioned ....

Writer 1: ... which will break the pact they made in Season 1 Episode 10 to

Writer 3: ... always be a unit.  Right.

Writer 2: Cool, that could take up a solid 10 of screen time.

Writer 3: We could have the argument right through the last 20 of the episode.  Start at minute 9, go through the end.

Writer 2: Filler?

Writer 1: We still have Becca's subplot.

Writer 3: The cutting?

Writer 2: I thought we agreed to move on from cutting by Epi 2 this season.

Writer 1: Whoa whoa whoa, didn't you guys forget?   Her and Charlie?

Writer 3: "Lust for Grandpa" ?  Are you sure we really want to go with that?

Writer 2: Pushing the limits.  That's what we do.   13 year old girl wants to lose her cherry to her 60 year old grandpa.

Writer 3: Mike told me we still haven't gotten her parents to sign off on that yet.

Writer 1: Let Legal deal with that.  We're writing it in.  By the time we're shooting the episode her parents will be on board.  The studio will kick in a 20 grand bonus.

Writer 3: I'm sure if they bump it up to 30g the parents will let us film her full frontal.

Writer 1: God I love working on this show!

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