Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Overheard at Table 4: The Interview

We broke down and watched "The Interview" last night.

How was it?

Oh my GOD!  It was the worst piece of crap ever put on film!   I mean, 4 hours into this thing and you're like, yes, Seth Rogan, we KNOW you can drop the F-bomb but do you have to drop the F-bomb in every-single-line?


Seriously, I'm no prude, but even I know when curse words are over done.   Seriously, only Junior high kids use that much profanity.   And that's probably who wrote this piece of crap, too.   The jokes were stupid, moronic, "They hate us cuz they AN-US"  har har har snickery-har.

What about the whole Kim Jong Un, thing?

You know why Kim Jong Un hacked Sony?   I'll tell you why.  It wasn't because the film was talking about assassinating him, oh no, I'm sure he would have been like "Hey, you know, I wouldn't care if you had me killed by Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible' or The Rock's 'Fast and Furious' gang.   I wouldn't mind if you took me out with the Expendables, the RED, or hell even by Ben Stiller.  But to have me killed by JAMES FRANCO AND SETH ROGAN?! In this knocked-up/neighbors dumbass low-level stinkhole of a movie?   Heck no,  Americans!  I nuke you all!!'   THAT's what Kim Jong Un was feeling!

It was undignified, you're saying.

Ex-actly!  Undignified!  Oh my Lord what a waste of time!  ... except for the two chicks.  They were really cute!

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