Monday, April 20, 2015

Overheard at Table 3: Wrong Number

.... so last night around 9:30 I get this text from a  number I've never seen before.  It's not in my contacts and just comes up as the number.   This text says "Arent you supposed to open the damn door when someone rings the doorbell?" I figure, this guy just sent a text to the wrong number, because no one's rung my doorbell, and I can just picture this dude somewhere across town, texting his buddy to open the damn door, and he's standing there on the porch, I decide to mess with him a little, and so I text back, "I would but right now I'm in bed with your mom!"

...and I'm laughing because, we'll, hey, that was pretty funny, right?  and about a minute later another text comes back saying, "you mean your dead grandmother?"

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