Saturday, April 25, 2015

Note left at Booth 5


all these years Ive been with you and the girls and never once have you ever taken my thoughts into account for being their Dad.  That's D-A-D.  DAD.  Always, 'ur just the stepfather' - that's all I am to you.   Ive been with them since they were 3 and 5 and now when the chips are down and one wants to run away and the other just wants to quit school and suddenly you want to take out a second mortgage to pay for Jamie's dorm and for Holly's whateveritis total-body-makeover or some shit, when what they really need a good reality check that theyve had a home all these years and two parents - TWO - who love them and provided for them and got their eyes checked and made sure they always had food and got braces and everything they needed, suddenly IM the loser because I don't make $100k/yr.

yes we both work and yes we have stressful jobs and yes our girls are young adults and yes they want to grow up and move out and YES its easier on me than you but NO that doesnt give you the right to think that Im some sort of loser just because I dont make enough money to send one off to college that she'll probly quit in 6 months anyway and pay for stupid plastic surgery that our alreadybeautiful daughter DOESN'T NEED!

all this makes me wanna just park the car in the garage, close the door, and leave it running.

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