Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the first four months of songs of the day

Verble put the playlists down, laminated, on top of the counter, for all to see.

The Barista thinks that's a little weird, even for Verble.

John Steppenwolf wants to know why he doesn't yet have any Motorhead on any of these playlists.

Verble's wife thinks it's a waste of money.

Lucky Moran is going through each song, remembering where he was the first time he heard each.

Niall Carter just wants another cappy, dammit!

Otis Redwing thinks the list, overall, is representative of American music, even though, if pressed, he would have to admit that it is just a little "too white"

"Well, then y'all can go ahead and make your own songs of the day, then!" Verble says, huffily.
" and where's that supposed poet!   Didn't he say he was going to write at least a three-liner for each song?"

Lucky says, "I think he's hunkered down in the back booth, scribbling furiously."

Verble walks back to booth five, shouting, "OY! . . .

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