Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April's Songs of the Day

4/1/2013 Queen 39
4/2/2013 John Wesley Harding The Little Musgrave
4/3/2013 Wilco Dream of the Mountain Bed
4/4/2013 Trout Fishing in America Back When I Could Fly
4/5/2013 The Clash Spanish Bombs
4/6/2013 Iron Maiden The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
4/7/2013 Jars of Clay This Road
4/8/2013 Caravan Golf Girl
4/9/2013 The Alan Parsons Project A Cask of Amontillado
4/10/2013 Don Sanders Heavy Word User
4/11/2013 Prince Sometimes It Snows in April
4/12/2013 Still Corners The White Season
4/12/2013 Benjamin Gifford and Jay Farrar California Zephyr
4/13/2013 Randy Newman Sail Away
4/14/2013 Hungry Ghosts (Australia) I Don't Think About You Anymore, but I Don't Think About You Anyless
4/15/2013 Kansas  Cheyenne Anthem
4/16/2013 Johnnette Napolitano All Tomorrow's Parties
4/17/2013 Gogol Bordello Tribal Connection
4/18/2013 Air J'ai dormi sous l'eau
4/19/2013 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Next Week Sometime
4/20/2013 The Doves Hit the Ground Running  
4/21/2013 The Velvet Underground I'm Sticking With You
4/22/2013 The Whitest Boy Alive Keep a Secret
4/22/2013 Marina and the Diamonds Obsessions
4/23/2013 Richie Havens The Parable of Ramon
4/24/2013 Nat King Cole The First Baseball Game
4/25/2013 Quicksilver Messenger Service Fire Brothers
4/26/2013 Bullet for my Valentine The Last to Know
4/27/2013 Tycho A Walk
4/28/2013 Kris Kristofferson The Winner
4/29/2013 Rodney Crowell Highway 17
4/30/2013 Emily and the Woods Steal His Heart      

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