Saturday, December 8, 2012

Overheard at the Counter: The Apple of Gozai

Verble, still on an emotional high off of completing his first screenplay, "Fanger" is telling the regulars about a new idea that he had when he awoke this morning, called, "The Apple of Gozai"

Woke up with the phrase, you are the apple of God's Eye.  and I was thinking who could possibly be the apple of GOD's eye.  and then I was thinking does anybody even remember that phrase, you are the apple of my eye ?   I haven't heard it in forever.

and that's when my brain corrupted it to "gozai" "God's eye - go-zai" and then the idea just exploded.   the movie is shot in a yellowish, or a sepia tone, no - yellowish, showing dust.   Gozai is an unnamed town, but it looks physically like the Middle East, particularly Israel, or some of the countries around it, Jordan maybe, maybe Syria, maybe Lebanon.   whatever, it looks like that, and there is a young child, preadolescenet, named Lirik.

and she at some point finds this little pyramid, and it fits in the palm of her hand, and it glows, and it heals people.   she first heals her mother who has been suffering a long sickness, and then throughout the movie she is healing people in town.   she doesn't know where this power is coming from or what it is or why she's the one to use it, but as the story progresses she is surrounded more and more by people needing to be healed.   there are even times when some men try to pull the pyramid from her palm, and no one can separate it from her hand.  only Lirik can put it down or pick it up.  so then they make to cut off her hand, until someone intervenes - don't know who, probably a protector character,

and then one day she wakes up and they pyramid is just gone.  vanished.   Lirik doesn't know where.  but there are still throngs of people at her door all wanting to be healed, in particular one woman says something like 'you healed me yesterday!  why won't you heal me today?'  and Lirik, innocently and greatly confused by this question, says, 'but you were HEALED yesterday.' 

and that's when it turns out to be the whole point of the story: people are healed, and people are changed, but only momentarily.   so you have the whole question of healing the body versus healing the soul, do we ever really change? and where do God's miracles end and religion begin, all sorts of questions playing around my brain.

and we can do anythign with this world too, I was thinking, we could even make all the people roughly androgynous.  Lirik herself could be either boy or girl, we could make it Middle East or we could make it some sort of dondescript "otherworld" possibly post-apocalyptic, I dunno.  

The possibilities are endless.

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