Sunday, December 30, 2012

Overheard at Booth One: Never forget that Paul

I don't think it's for nothing that the Apostle Paul was once the biggest hunter of Christians.  I mean, he killed the first martyr, Stephen.  Stephen was preaching to the Jews and they rose up and stoned him to death.  Paul orchestrated that.  He incited that.  He admits it.  He was like the CIA, drones, special forces, all that, rolled up and mixed into one lean mean Christian killing machine.

Yet that guy was turned into the driving force that spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, laid the foundation of evangelism, whose hand wrote the letters where we get some of our greatest passages, some of our greatest encouragement.

From a monstrously powerful killing machine to the spreader of love, joy, and abject humility.   That life in itself demonstrates the true redemptive power of God.

That a guy at that time would even admit that, and write about it, that demonstrates the true redemptive power of God.

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