Monday, July 5, 2010

Verble's Two Youngest at the Counter Just After Having Seen the New Twilight Fillum

Verble's two youngest children are sitting at the counter, after just having come back from seeing the new Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse, with their cousin.

Verble: So, what'd you guys think of the movie?

G: It would have been a lot better without all that kissing and making out.

R: There's too much kissing.

G: Copier! You just say that because I said that.

R: I am not a copier, that's what I said, and I said it first even in the car.

G: No you didn't, you sicko! what's that on your lip!

R: huh huh huh huh!

G: That is so gross putting the foam on your chin, you know I hate you, 'burto!

Verble: Yeah . . . but what about the MOVIE??

G: It was all right. Jacob was hot!


G: Shut up, 'burto, you know you like Rosalieeeee!


Verble: I'm Team Alice!

1 comment:

  1. "g".....I'm shocked to hear you say a guy is hot!!!!
    Just remember that boys are icky and gross and sweaty, except your bro "r" and your dad and me "the little drummer boy"