Thursday, July 1, 2010

Read over the shoulder on someone's Blackberry at Table Four

As posted in Adult Summer Reading Club presented by the Houston Public Library:

Journal: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason
Found by Kristine Atkinson and Joyce Atkinson

A very interesting read, with the presentation being integral to the story itself. The style is that of "found object" literature, in which the narrator is keeping a journal of printed emails, pictures, momentos inside an old book, being used as a scrapbook. Beginning as a light romance, of a housewife in Houston who has just lost her mother and her husband suddenly takes an incredible job in Boston, the separation and the introduction of a "friend" begins to lead the story in a strange turn, and, being told from Amy's POV, the reader never really knows how much of what she feels is paranoia or how much is real. This book obviously taking its place beside such presentation literature as Griffin and Sabine, and while for my money nothing will ever come close to those books, this nice little tome does very well for itself, indeed

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  1. Good book. Needs the BAU from Criminal Minds to investigate!