Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Overheard at Booth 4: "Tiny Tales" by Jana Jenkins

In short (as the stories are short) this IS a good read.  

Flash Fiction, to be truly effective, depends on the twist, the turn, and the economy of word usage actually makes that more challenging than it may seem, and this writer has a fantastic hold on the form.   Her stories have dark twists, thought-provoking twists, romantic twists.  And each one leaves the reader with a smile, or a tiny shock, or simply saying, "whoaaaa!"

It is obvious that these stories were originally posted on Twitter.  The hashtags have also been left in, which, for a reader unfamiliar with Twitter (if there are any) will find the hashtag a bit confusing, which detracts from the story.  What would make this a five-star book would be a reworking of the stories for a book format: allow the writer to re-write the stories (as needed) beyond the Tweet character limit, reformat the pages, possibly even add titles, so that the eye doesn't run the stories together (one's brain may try to read them as a long thread instead of individual stories)

Again, these stories are delightful, and yes, they need to be read by many more people.  This reader looks forward to a future edition of this tome where these wonderful tales are allowed a little more room to breathe, stretch, and become the best versions of themselves.

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