Saturday, October 29, 2022

Overheard at Table 3: Black Adam (2022)

Black Adam (2022)

Let's just say that The Rock is The Rock in whatever he does.  Which is cool if you like The Rock.

I do.   So that's OK.  In this one, he's The Rock, only super-grumpy and with no sense of humor, at ALL.

But on the bright side, we have Sarah Shahi, who not only always plays spunky badass short chicks (which is the BEST kind!) but she is swoon-worthy even when she's covered in dirt and blood.

And Pierce Brosnan as Dr Fate was very good.  A great role for him (even if it deed seem to play to his type)

Boy, this is sounding like most of the actors were staying in their comfort zones.

And that goes for the overall movie as well.  Stayed in its comfort zone.  This is DC movies trying to do the DC version of Black Panther.  The Africa theme is well on display (only its Africa as far as Ancient Egypt goes) and so there was truly nothing wild or exciting about this film. 

Nice special effects.  Nice buddy movie ... the buddies being the scrappy team of misfits taking on a guy with Superman-level powers.

If you want to see a superhero movie that is completely safe in the story, and you just want to watch SPFX and Sarah Shahi, then this movie will hit the spot.


Black Adam (2022) - IMDb


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