Sunday, January 31, 2021

Overheard at Table 1: Notes From National Emergency

 Ok, so now that the national emergency that began on February 15, 2019 has been ended by the new President Joe Biden, I now have an end to the beginning, so there should be nothing standing in my way of taking all the notes that I had for each day and fleshing them out into a complete work.

707 days.  If I put each "notes" on a page, that could almost be the size of a Russian novel (page size, that is, since most of these entries are a mere 280 characters, tops.

I do have to admit that I was beginning to falter near the end.  I had vowed to write one note a day until the Emergency Declaration was ended, but I hadn't really made any entries since mid-November 2020, so I still have almost two months' of new writings to begin.  

However, this does give me a specific timeframe in order to encapsulate the work.  Now I just need to get it done before it becomes a forgotten bit of ancient history ... OOPS!  TOO LATE!

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