Friday, December 4, 2020

Overread at Booth 2: Poem "Cruelty is the Point"


Cruelty is the Point


Cruelty is the point, the sneer,

the meme, the desire that your babies

would never have been born.


They call you stupid, they call you sheeple,

they call you subpar humans, they call

you worthless,


for what?

For wearing a mask in a pandemic.

For wanting clean water for all humans.

For wanting police to stop leaving black bodies

                Dead on American streets,


They want to know how long they

have to put up with you, but that’s OK,

they are happy enough just to call you

DemoRAT, shitlib, cuck, scum, dog, animal,

Cockroach, Libtard, deMONrat,


did I miss anything?


No matter … here they come …



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