Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Overread at Table 2: Paul, Apostle of Christ

This is a movie for true followers of Christ, not for those who just think they know Him (i.e. cultural Christians). American evangelicals in particular may bristle at the refusal of these early Christians to take up arms against their oppressors and the perceived obsequiousness of Aquila to his wife Priscilla.

Also, those looking for action or miracles will not find those in this movie.  Instead, they will see the faith revealed on screen.  The subtle power of the acting, the camaraderie of the Fellowship of Believers, and the sepia toned darkness of the setting all bring about a quiet power that allows the submission to Christ to be the center point of the message.  Indeed, a few viewers may also have fun seeing which passages of dialogue are from which of Paul's letters.

In summary: this movie shows that the miracle of Jesus is the power of the faith in those who follow Him, and when the final scene arrived, most of the theatre was in tears  ... tears of joy and worship.

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