Thursday, October 24, 2019

Overread at Booth 2: "Pounds"


Toilet paper?
It’s not that it’s not an acceptable
form of writing poetry, it’s that
Ezra is so lauded for it, as though
he a great genius, having wonderful
poetic thoughts at every
mundane moment of the day,
whereas another
poet, a female
Russian poet
with an unpronouncable
name also wrote on
toilet paper, in her
own blood, since she
didn’t have ink, and smuggled
the poems out the Gulag.
I too, once wrote an essay
for a savage English teacher
about a person in a prison
who was forced to
write a ten thousand word
essay, and who ran out
of ink, pulled back his fingernails
and used his blood to finish it.

But I was 18, and the imaginary
blood was mine and I
was trying to make a point.
I’ve never been in a Gulag
Never had to escape from anywhere
and I doubt Ezra hasn’t either.

It’s the women who suffer most in this world.
It’s the women who write the story of us
in blood and toilet paper.


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