Friday, September 6, 2019

Overheard at Table 2: What Would You Do If

Helene: What would you do if I left you?

Marc: I'd chase after you, begging you to come home.

Helene: What if I never came back?

Marc: Then I'd spend the rest of my life crying my eyes out.

Helene: Oh, please, you'd probably shack up with some girl within three months.

Marc: Never!

Helene: One of my sisters, probably.  I've seen how they look at you.

Marc: They're just being polite!

Helene: Yeah, especially Claire. 

Marc: Why are we even talking about this anyway?

Helene [pause]: Saw the doctor today.  She saw something on my chest x-ray.  Wants me to go for some tests.  She said she's gonna fast-track it.  Try to get me in on Monday.

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