Thursday, November 30, 2017

Overheard at Table 3: After Thanksgiving

Wife: Hey, wanted to say thanks for you being so great at Thanksgiving.

Husband:  Didn't do much.

Wife: That's just it!  You let me have some "girl-time" with my cousin I haven't seen in twenty years!  You didn't do what you usually do, like, take over the conversation and make everything about you.

Husband: Glad to help out.

Wife: I can't believe we talked so much!  Wow!  So much to catch up on, she was telling me all about her kids, her husband ... you know, she can't stand him...

Husband:  Really?

Wife: Not at ALL!  They've been married about twenty two years, about as long as we have.  And she says he ruined their trip to Nice - you know, south of France - because he's always so controlling and has to be at specific places at specific times.

Husband:  Hm.

Wife: ... and he's always on her case about how much money she spends, and how they never have money and he is always controlling the checking account and paying bills out of it.

Husband:  Sounds like he's trying to stay on top of things.

Wife: ... and then I realized - she was describing YOU!

Husband: Wifey say what?

Wife: She was describing you.  And I realized I can't stand all those things about you, either.  So controlling.  Never let me do anything at all.  Thinking about just totally pissed me off.  I'm still pissed!

Husband: So, looks like we won't be seeing your cousin for ANOTHER 20 years.

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