Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Overheard at Table 3: Prince, The Artist Formerly Known as "How do you pronounce that weird symbol?"

Niall Carter "Why is everybody so obsessed with Prince's sex life?   It's like everyone wants him to be gay?  What's up with that?  Why can't they just be interested in the music?  Does it make a damn bit of difference if he preferred girls or guys or guys who used to be girls or girls who used to be guys?

John Steppenwolf  "I dunno."

Niall Carter "To me, if you wanna know, thanks fer askin' - it was all summed up when he went through that stupid period of the symbol.  He changed his name to the symbol but didn't tell anybody how to pronounce it.  I always thought that was being a little dickish, but whatever, his name he can keep the pronunciation a secret if he wants - but anyway, I think the symbol pretty much summed it all up: Prince wanted to be asexual, or polysexual, or amorphous, or ambidextrous or whatever the hell that word is when you're both man and woman."

John Steppenwolf "Androgynous?"

Niall Carter "Yeah!  That'll work.  Androgynous!"

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