Tuesday, June 21, 2016

God Bless America!

God Bless America

Yes, there is a god who has blessed America:
The god of war, the god of slaughter,
The god of dead children,
The god of bullet-leaden bodies,
The god of those who have died in schools, and nightclubs, and campuses, and workplaces, and factories, and post offices, and homes, and sidewalks, and streets, and subways, and train stations.
The god of the gun,
The god of the bullet:
That god has blessed America:
Blessed America with a gun and ammunition industry with a revenue stream of $13.5 Billion a year,
Which (to put it in perspective) would give each man, woman, and child living in America a check for $43.54.

Yes, a god has certainly blessed America,
and filled up our halls with our own dead.

This god loves dead children.
This god loves dead mothers.
This god loves dead fathers.
This god loves dead co-workers and teachers and doctors and teenagers and police and homeless and all the dead. 
This god simply loves dead people.
And this god drinks of the blood of this covenant




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