Friday, March 18, 2016

Overheard at Table One: Foreplay and 3 Minutes

Joseph: Overheard this woman at work and she was telling another co-worker, "He's a three-minute guy but he makes up for it with some AWESOME foreplay, and I thought, "Man, if my wife heard that she'd say, 'Hey, are you sleeping with my husband?'"

Monica [sips her coffee]

Joseph: Wouldn't you?

Monica: Wouldn't what?

Joseph: Say that to her?

Monica [slight grimace]: Well, honey, I'd have to say that - yes - you ARE a three minute man, but your foreplay ... could use a little work.

Joseph: It's not "awesome" ??

Monica [reaches over and pats the back of his hand]: But you know I love you!

From the Salinghetti Chronicles Vol. 60, Track 9
Tracey Chapman - Give Me One Reason

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