Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Overheard at Table 3: Interview Today

I've got an interview today and even though I'm not seriously looking there is still this pressure and this - I don't know - "gloom" for lack of a better word.


Yeah.  Like there is really no point.  Like I'm not going to get it because I'll be sitting there, trying to answer their questions and they'll be asking me things I can't answer, like "why is there a two month gap between your last employment" and I can't say "because that company canned me because the COO was out to get me from day one" and I can't say "because I screwed up and couldn't do my job right" and I REALLY can't say the truth which was "I shouldn't have been there, my staff hated me, my peers didn't respect me, and I was too stubborn to quit and look for another job, until God finally gave them the power to CAN my butt, so that then I would find the job I have right now, which is pretty decent, it pays the bills, it's a crazy place to work for but they generally seem to like me."  Now that's the truth but you can't tell a prospective employer that, now can you?

No.  Not really.  But it'd be pretty cool if you could.

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