Friday, September 11, 2015

Overheard at Table 3: Latino Family

Husband: ... it's just that, taking her everywhere, it might be a little much, you know.

Wife: You knew we had to take care of her when we had her come live with us.

Husband: Right, but...

Wife: And she wanted to go with us to take Carlita to her first day of college.

Husband: I know, that was OK, but...

Wife: So what are you all bent out of shape about?  You don't like taking care of my aging mother?  The one who gave me birth?  The one who worked all her life to get me and all my brothers started in our lives?

Husband:  Honey, I'm just saying that, EVERY time?   I mean, we used to have date night.  Now date night is going to out to eat, all three of us.

Wife: Well maybe if I were a gringa wife you wouldn't have to worry about it.  It'd be just you and me and we'd put her in a home, but then I wouldn't be cooking and cleaning for you, or doing your ironing or folding, how would you like that?   You would understand better about taking care of the elderly relatives if you were a Latino husband.

Husband: Baby if I were a Latino husband I'd be telling you to fix me some carne asada before I went out and spent the night with my mistress.

Wife: [pause].   OK you got me on that one.   But don't PUSH me about my mother!

Husband: Got it.

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