Saturday, September 26, 2015

Overheard at Table 3: All Done with Bieber Fever

1: Saw a girl the other day, walking to the amusement park, had a t-shirt saying "I HEART JUSTIN BEIBER" - thought to myself, 'Man I didn't think anybody would still be listening to that guy."

2: Does seem weird.  Was she punking it out or was she just some sort of retro-nerd.

1: More like a retro-nerd, from the looks of it.

3: Personally I think it'd be cool to be Bieber.

2: Well, yeah, you get the money, the fame, the fans, until the fans all grow up.

3: That's what I think is so cool.  Fame only lasts about five years, right?

1: More or less.

3: Look at it.  The Stones still have to tour and those guys are pushing 90 it seems like, but they have to keep having these monster concerts to cover all their houses, ex-wives . . .

2: Keith's massive coke habit.

3: ... Keith's massive coke habit.   But if you're Bieber, you have a frikkin awful schedule for about five years, touring, interviews, whatever, then poof!  All done.  Over.  Nothing but some retro-nerd wearing your shirt.  And if you've put your money away right, live simply, don't buy yourself an island . . .

1: Or get a massive coke habit.

3: ... or get a massive coke habit, then you're set for life and you never have to work another day.  It's all surf and sun and playing frisbee with your golden retriever in the park.  The Sweet Life.

2: That would be great.

1: The only problem is that we're all pushing 30.

2: And we don't sing.

3: Did I say every plan was perfect?

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