Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Overheard at Table 1: Connected...

You tell me who was more "connected" - 2500 people, mainly soldiers, died in Pearl Harbor.   Not even a part of the United States at that time.   Yet, it galvanized a nation to build the greatest military this planet had ever seen, lifted us out of a depression, got everyone to work, and ultimately spurred us to be the pre-eminent military force on the planet for the next three generations.

Then, you've got 9/11.   3,000 people dead on the Twin Towers, four planes, the Pentagon.  Mainly civilians.   What did that bring us?   Two long drawn out, economically crippling wars that eventually has led to the weakening of our influence on the world state, China's rise to power, increased Russian aggression, aNOTHr almost-Depression, and a nation so scattered they can't even agree on license plates.

So, who's more "connected"?   You tell me!

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