Friday, July 5, 2013

Overheard at Table 3: Iron Man 3 and the Christian Linking of Arms

 Don't want nobody giving me no flack abo
ut how this is a $300 million movie with

 no plot.   Listen, you don't GO to Marvel movies if you wanna see PLOT.
You wanna see plot?  go watch a Spielberg or something, but I
have to tell you, this movie had something in it that blew me away BIG TIME!
The scene where he saves the 13 people!
Blew - me - away ....
because, as he was doing it, as he was falling, he asked
his little computer headset could he do it., and he didn't have the power to save them all,
so he said to them, let's play BARRELFUL OF MONKEYS.
He had them LINK ARMS!
they made it bearable, because they helped each other, and all the time I'm thinking, 'you know, that's just like us talking about the message of Jesus Christ. . . WE can't save everybody (yeah, I know I know "WE" don't save anybody, HE does, but you know what I'm saying, we can't
be there for everybody, we can't get the message out to everybody, it takes
giving the message and then
the others
passing it on, and then
pass it on to still more, and we're SHARING
the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it just goes on and on down the chain.
You know, we're all falling.
We'll fall at different speeds, and we'll hit the ground at
different times, but we're all falling, but with the word of GOD
linking us together, we're going to have a soft landing in the
instead of some hard splat on the hot concrete ground!
Well, that's what I took out of it anyway,
I saw that scene, man, and I was the guy
but then, everybody in the theatre joined in and we was all going
so it was all good!

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