Friday, April 5, 2013

Overread at the Counter: MR's "A Triad"

MR reels back a little in the stool and says, "Thissun's a one what waz done awhile back, summat like 2008 or somewheres about.   real story too.   Not mine, tho'  - but real."

A Triad

1. Hotel Pillows

The electric got cut off yesterday afternoon,
and it was still 96 degrees after the sun went down,
so we packed up the kids and stayed at a hotel,

stole some of the pillows when we left the next morning.

2. Procedure Wednesday Morning

Had a procedure the next morning,
called my work to tell them that
it was done at 11, but I wouldn’t be coming in til one –

had some friends in the car and we were gonna
drive around, do some errands,

My work said it’d be leave without pay,

that’s alright.

3. Workman’s Comp Blues

The Judge wouldn’t sign off on my husband’s workman’ comp check
until he goes down to the Capital to see some doctor,
but he can’t drive ‘cuz an hour and a half of drivin’ hurts his back,

my work doesn’t really want me to take another day off,

guess I’ll just have to call in sick that day.

MR says "I got this one in a little collection  called 'The Subtle Difference Between Contingent and Contiguous' - just sent it off to a competition - the whole thing.  Maybe if I get an honorable mention I kin score a free frappĂ© around here!"

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