Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Overheard at the Counter: Typology (by MR)



Fingerclacks against keyboard, stoccatic taptap
dancing firecrackers against
pavement on 4thofJuly,

it is so sporadic how these fingers move
or (should I say?), get in the mood.

As they move against the type
setting the words in place, not so carefully
as one would hope, you know, but imagining, yes
these fingers imagine how
the laptop would have like to
have typed in the said calligraphic, or the
fluid Cyrillic, or the meandering
scribbles of tired scribes, offering Gallic
poems about cats, in the margins
of their exquisitely renderd Biblical

These fingers wonder if type created the
work, rather than the work merely presented
by type.   These fingers wonder would the
world be changed, irrevocably, if they could pound
this keyboard with some future typeset, perhaps
not letters, but in little smileys and pics,
emoticons, emos, instos, picpicpics, some little
mashed up goofface that has
eaten the last letter

of the last word

ever typed.


Poem (c) 2013 MR
Photo property of its owner (whatever brilliant mind that is) - photo entitled "Steampunk Laptop"

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