Monday, March 4, 2013

Overheard at Table 5: Juggling

I don't really know what I'm doing any more, I get to work and I can't really focus, because if it's not managing the asset depreciation it's working on four years of deceased claims, then I have to train my staff on their GL recons, because they've been working in reverse for ten years.  Then there's these debit card posting outages that happen every other day for the past six months that neither our core nor our card processor can help with - they keep blaming each other.  Then my COO is completely down my shirt because she tells me to my face I don't have the skills for this job,

then I get home and my kids are always punching each other and making dents in walls and my wife is telling me that I don't give her what she needs and she says our love life is stale, and then she wants to quit her job and start her own house-flipping business, and then she talks to one of our church friends who works in the oil industry and so now she wants to take $10,000 in classes to become a facilitator/inspector, and then every day I gotta rush to pick up my son form track, even though he shouldn't even be doing it because his grades are in the tank,

and on top of all that, I forgot to walk the dogs last night, so I get up this morning and there's shit all over their cages and the all over the floor!

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