Saturday, September 22, 2012

Overheard at Table 4: NYT Sources Approving Quotes

Billy:  Finally!   A free press again!

Jilly: Nah, this'll just make 'em have to make stuff up, because now no one'll talk to them.

Billy: Yeah, but it's the same thing if you interview some guy and he just censors what you write - even if it's stuff HE said.

Jilly:  Or she.

Billy:  Yeah.  Or she.  You're so technical.   But don't you see, this is a great day!  Thank you New York Times.

Jilly:  I still say it won't help.  It'll just make the politicians not give interviews and then we'll just have nothing but more conjecture, speculation, spurious sources, and hidden cameras.

Billy:  Which is illegal in its own right.

Jilly: I just don't see what it all accomplishes.  The reason why these guys were wanting to approve quotes is because the media was already taking everything they say out of context.   They just wanted to make sure they were getting a fair shake.   In these days, when the media is anything BUT non-partisan, they're just making sure the words are true, and not twisted.

Billy:  Maybe, but I still see it as them wanting always to straddle the fence, so that they come across as being for everybody, instead of taking a hard stand on what they really believe.  These guys are more interested in getting votes than in ever standing up for anything, anything except thier own revenue sources.   This is just a way for the media to stop letting the Man try to control them.   The media HAS to be free to print, even if it is slanted, which it always has been, the people have to decide what is slant and what isn't.

Jilly: And how can the people decide when the only education they get on these issues is the very slanted sources that disseminate the information?   It's ludicrous - we've got a nation where the wolves feed the jackals who pass their shit on to the sheep.

Billy:  Wow.  That's a little sharp, don't you think?

Jilly:  Just calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Billy: You wipe your butt with the New York Times don't you.

Jilly:  If I still received the print version, probably so, yeah.

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