Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Overheard at Table 2: Battleship

Mama liked it, and that was cool.

. . . because Mama hadn't liked anything we brought over recently.

But if Mama likes a movie, then the whole FAMILYhas a good time!
Really though, when it started out I was thinking man I sure hope this doesn't become some Top Gun focused on this one guy about how he's brash and arrogant and saves the day.   Because frankly I'm tired of the "maverick-love" we've got going on, where all the "free spirits" always turn out to be right.
This one was different in that our hero is a maverick and doesn't play by the rules and because of that, people got killed.   Sure, you can say they probably would have died anyway when the aliens started their gunplay, but the point is they died when our HERO pushed the alien's button.
That was cool.
My daughter thought Rihanna was the coolest part of the movie, but I have no idea why.
Special effects, completely cool.  Their spaceships vs our boats.   Explosions, sinkings, bombs, gunfire, whacking aliens in their clanky metal suits.
Throw in some discource of the Art of War, and you've got yourself two hours of action movie.
All in all, very well done . . . and remember, it's Mama approved!

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