Saturday, May 19, 2012

Overheard at Booth 1: Total Misanthrope

Some guy is telling his buddy, "I don't know what's wrong with me these days, I look around and everything I'm seeing it's just seems like I can't stand Republicans, conservatives, hatemongers, those am talk radio guys REALLY set me off, I don't like the pro-lifers, but then the pro-choice crowd seems all like shrill and whiney, and those liberals too, boy do THEY whine, and the Jesus freaks are all holier-than-thou and the athiest gays well, they're just as bad, and this wanting same sex marriage because they want to act like they were victimized like blacks in Selma Alabama, that's awfully rich, especially since the majority of the gay population are middleclass white guys . . .

and I don't like the elderly because they're still hanging on to that WW2 mentality and all anti-immigrant and I don't know what happened to the hippies, because they all became baby boomers and just wanting everything for themselves and the kids aren't much better either, because they'll all like, on their cellphone and sexting and 'hey let's do a flash mob down at Forever XXI, we are SOOOO revolutionary!'   and the generation between the boomers and the techsexed are just embarrassed that they lived through the fashion of the 80's but are just trying to get their kids out of the house and hiding their money so they won't have to support their babyboomer parents then they get to the age of the WW2'ers.

for my money, the ONLY people who actually put up their money, so to speak, to do anything right in the world, are those people who drop everything and go out there and DO something.   Like those guys who have comfy jobs who just quit and pack up the family and go build shacks in Central America or dig wells in Africa, or people who just walk right into the middle of urban America and start cleaning out old lots and try to make gardens or parks out of them, now THOSE are the people who I can actually like . . .

even if I myself just stay here in this booth, drinking coffee with you.

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