Friday, March 23, 2012

Overheard at Booth 3: Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather

Boy, 19: you know I'm gonna miss you like, freakin crazy, you know?

Girl, 19: don't worry, we'll text all the time and we'll skype and, hey, just let me know if there's anything you want, let me know, and i'll like, get it, and send it back to you, OK?

Boy: i don't want nothin, i just want you to come back soon, OK, I mean, i thought it was gonna be OK, but the closer it gets the weirder it feels, you know, this stuy in europe program, i mean, wow, it just like, hit me. you're gonna be GONE!

Girl: yeah but it's gonna be so like, freakin cool, i mean it's like freakin EUROPE, you know? and like, really, if you want me to get you anything, just tell me or text me and i'll like, buy it, really.

Boy: why do you keep asking me that when you know all i want is you. you got me singin old U2 songs here, and you keep asking me what i want? what i want right now is what i'm gonna want for every day you're gone for this semester. thank god you're coming back in 4 months!

Girl: yeah, about that . . . i was thinking that maybe i might stay for two semesters. i mean, they're gonna let me decide when i get there. i think it'll all just depend on how i feel about it.

Boy: oh. OK. that's cool . . . so, i guess there is something you can get me while you're there.

Girl: cool. what's that?

Boy: Spanish boots of Spanish leather.

Note: This beautiful picture I loaded from another blog, called
Ngorobob House:
Life From The Hill

....little notes and commentaries from a pink house
on the top of a tanzanian hill....
(to the blogger, if you wish me to remove the picture, I certainly will, as I mean no disrespect)

To readers: Looks like a nice little blog, maybe you should check it out.

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