Friday, March 4, 2011

Overread at Table 3: Manifesto for a Christian America

This is my manifesto:
To follow Jesus Christ all the days of my life,
and to humble myself before God, to place Him above myself,
to place service to the creator and to love my enemy
in the same way I love my friend, and to love my
neighbor in the same way that I love myself, and that means
that I need to help this country
bring the soldiers back home,
to expand social security,
to beg Medicare to cover all citizens,
to thwart the encroachment of the soulless corporations
whose very existence is antithetical to the the Will of God,
to prove this love in all my actions
and all my deeds,
to humbly serve my country,
to pay my taxes on time when due,
to work within the system to show that it
can be just, be fair, that it can work for the people,
to show that it can represent every person living within the borders
of this country, regardles
of race creed color sex or sexual orientation,
to work to make certain that there are no starving
people in the streets or the underpasses or
under bridges, to
pray for a time when we finally work together
to provide for the common good
of the people and not for the corporations,
to continually petition the government to redress
these grievances, to remind it that it was designed
to serve the people, and with this
rememberance it can
strip away the shock collar that has been tightened around
its neck by Big Business, the Banks, and the Security-Industrial Complex,
and yes, yes, yes,
to proclaim that Jesus Christ
has mandated that we should not fight, that we should not
raise physical weapons against another human being,
but to lift our spiritual weapons against spiritual enemies,
and that we are to walk toward our earthly with open arms and
words of love on our lips,
as did Stephen, as did
as did Paul,

as did Jesus the Christ, the Son of God,
who could have called all the angels of Heaven with a breath
to raze this world to a charred shell,
but who humbly submitted to the will of the Father, and
told us that those who live by

weapons of mass destruction


die by weapons of mass destruction.

The only way to stop our destruction,
is to stop our destroying.

This is my manifesto for a Christian America.
I open my arms to you now, brothers, if there be any of

these words that
are against the word of God, please
feel free to let me know,

correct me and temper me in love with
the teachings of our Savior.

Blessings be upon you all, my brethren,
Your humble servant,

Verble Loquacious Gherulous

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