Sunday, March 13, 2011

Overheard at Booth 4: Angels Make Funny Faces

Showed the kids 2012 last night.
What'd they think?
Awesome. They liked it. I mean, for terrible complete human destruction, it's actually visually very entertaining, I mean, they were like gripping the edges of the couch when that plane was flying through the buildings of LA and that subway car was flying overhead.
That was pretty awesome, I liked it when Yellowstone exploded and it's raining balls of fire down on the tarmac as they're taking off there.
Yeah, where Woody Harrelson, the crazy guy, stands there, facing the volcano.
You know Yellowstone is a supervolcano, right?
Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere.
Could go at any time, you know.
Yeah, well, you know, we all could go at any time. Just - like - God says, 'OK, boys, time to shut 'er down!' and it's lights out.'
So you think 2012's gonna get us? Think that's the lights out?
Dude, we've been talking about the end of time since the beginning of time. I think the moment we as humans realized, oh crap! Bill died - I mean, died! You know, that moment when we evolved to the point that we understood that there was an end? I think that was when we started fixating on the end of everything.
So you think this is all some sort of collective obsession? Armageddon? End of Days? Revelation, all that?
I mean, hey - like, sure - I know the world's gonna end. I'm not stupid. Everything ends. I'm just not living every single moment wondering, 'Oooh, is God gonna take us now?' and all this stuff in the Middle East, what's got everybody all in a wad, 'It's God coming back!' and you know that a lot of people are scared and there are some Christians who are actually happy about the thought of it all going to spit, because they're thinking they're gonna be saved while everybody else stays for years of Helen Earth.
Yeah, I hate that, you know - kind of runs totally against the whole 'tell the world about the love of Jesus' - right?
Right, so I take a page right out of the Bible, you know, where Jesus has said, "Listen - the main thing is DON'T WORRY about it." He said take care of what you need to take care of, what will be will be, Yeah, it'll all blow up in the end, but I've gotcha!
So you're saying the ultimate cosmic message from the creator of the universe is Que Sera Sera and Don't Worry Be Happy?
Yeah, that pretty much boils down to it, yeah.
That's like opening up a window to Heaven and seeing angels looking down on us with their fingers in their mouths and making all sorts of funny faces.

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