Saturday, December 25, 2010

From the Zen and Tao Acoustic Cafe: MERRY CHRISTMAS

Verble Gherulous, proprietor of the Zen and Tao Acoustic Cafe, on behalf of himself and his family and staff, would like to wish the world a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

May peace and blessing be upon us all, and may we find the joy and love that all of us so desperately need, and may we find the solace in the loving arms of the God who created the Universe, and who chose to rip Himself from eternity to break through into this stream of Time, in order to walk among us for a little while, possessing a body made of the same flesh and bone that all of us have, the same cellular structure, the same musculature, the same heart, lungs, eyes, lips and nose - so that He could dwell among us, not only to show us how possible it really is to live a sinless life, but also to finally give Himself over to forge a way to Heaven, so that while He spent a blink of an eye in the world, we could spend an Eternity in Heaven.

We celebrate this day, once a year, as a reminder of the moment that God fulfilled His own plan and our destiny, coming to be born as an innocent baby, the most precious of all gifts, and the single unifying factor in our humanity. For we all, even the most cynical of us, understand at the moment of birth, how precious, beautiful, and fragile is this creation of Life.

Jesus Christ is the Light and the Way. Jesus Christ is the Zen and the Tao.

God bless us, every one, this Christmas. Not only today, but for all days, and all ways.

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